"There is no place in space for those who do not take risks ... going further is not an option, it is a must!"

- Commander Wilhem Trakin


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Q4 2021
  • Research and develop game idea concept
  • Initial Whitepaper design
  • Core team recruitment
  • Teaser Demo design for concept showcase

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Phase 1

Q1 2022
  • Visual brand identity
  • Tokenomics
  • Gameplay design
  • Official Website Launch
  • Social Media
  • Launch Whitepaper v1
  • Launch Teaser Demo
  • Smart Contracts design
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Phase 2

  • Design game assets
  • Smart Contracts development
  • Whitelist
  • NFT Pre-sale (Genesis)
  • Smart Contracts Audit
  • Minigame development
  • Marketing Partnerships
  • $Stellar IDO
  • Airdrop/Whitelist 2nd NFT pre-sell
  • 2nd NFT Pre-Sale W/$Stellar
  • NFTs Staking
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Phase 3

  • Web-browser Minigame (alpha)
  • cinematic trailer
  • Grow dev team and get more partners
  • Space Map design
  • Final gameplay mechanics for MVP
  • Airdrop/Whitelist for $Tekra Pre-Sale
  • $Tekra Pre-Sale
  • $Tekra IDO
  • Web-browser Minigame (closed beta)
  • Main Game (MVP alpha launch)
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Phase 4

  • Wiki Launch
  • Minigame (open beta)
  • MVP adjustments




In Stellarium you are part of the metaverse through your Avatar

Each player will be able to customize their avatar and you will be able to acquire aesthetic items in the form of NFTs (such as skins, accessories, color palette, hairstyles, armor etc.)


The Essence is the main and vital resource of our universe, it is what allows us to move the large HSP space engines for travel at the speed of light

Essence extraction is an activity that takes place in our metaverse to fuel the game's economy, a vital part of exploring the stars and planets beyond our space horizon.


The number of NFT spacecrafts will be limited! but you will be able to "craft" your own after the limit is reached.

There are different types of ships in our metaverse, but the most important thing is the difference between ships with HSP engines that allow the jump to Hyperspace and ships with plasma engines ("normal fuel").


The regions are zones mapped as extraction zones, they can be entire planets, asteroid fields, clusters of essence cloud, giant meteorites, among others.

Some regions, such as meteorites and essence clouds, can appear and disappear from the radar, so if you are lucky and one appears in your sector, take advantage and extract what you can more before other explorers arrive.


Collect Items from Quests, achievements and ranked tournaments, in Stellarium all items are NFTs, from items like consumables to permanent ones like skins, weapons, medals, ships etc.

To extract and collect the essence you need the right equipment, from an essence extractor to the obvious, an exploration ship. All extraction zones have an unfriendly atmosphere, so oxygen tanks are required to be able to breathe

Game Modes

Venture to discover unknown places on expeditions or fight in battles to win treasures by defeating your opponents in official tournaments or raiding space freighters

Action in the space with your spacecraft, play in PVP modes like deathmatch, mothership defense, capture the flag, Battle Royale and more.

Join your friends to take the cargo ship, defeating its escorts and managing to take the loot.

Action on the ground! Fight with your avatar in 3rd person, combat against mobs, NPCs and other players

Meet the team!

Stellar pioneers!
Great NCOs that believed and joined in early stages of the Stellarium project as collaborators:


Owning our $Stellarium token gives you access to a wide range of benefits that you can find in the form of badges.

With $Tekra you will be able to make purchases in the marketplace, as well as being the rewards token.

A low supply token with an initial burn of 5% so that the burn wallet will be always feed by transaction fees.

A mechanism for redistribution of tokens per transaction is being designed, the aspiration is to have a 10% fee per sell transaction and 6% fee per buy transaction.